How 'effective' is such a holiday?


With the salsa in Toscana holidays we are trying to offer two main things: the fun and the relaxation of great holidays and secondly a dance stage. Now how effective is such a dance stage really? Do you in other words see or feel a big difference when you've come back?

Of course the answer will be different for every single participant and the best would be to ask them directly but I can give you the experience I have had dancing with ladies who came back from such a stage ... As an organiser I was in fact very happy to be 'struck' with the big progress some of them had made. I think that for some people the reason is to be found in the fact that throughout the year with their work, studies and all other things of life they don't have the time or the concentration to work on their salsa for seven or ten days in a row. And then when they do the progress is surprising. I'm sure of course it is also due to the good work of the instructors in Tuscany. And finally i think that there are psychological effects too: more confidence on the dance floor, renewed motivation to dance and/or to learn as a dancer.

These are some of my answers. I will post the question on Facebook to all ex participants, we will see what they answer on the question 'How effective is such a stage for your dancing?' ...

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