Salsa holidays in Tuscany!


Dance classes, parties and holidays in one of the beautiful area's of our planet ... Tuscany.

That is what the ‘Salsa in Toscana holidays’ are: a mix of dance and holidays. Dance classes (salsa, bachata, technique, styling, musicality, partnerwork ...) with excellent instructors. Parties every night (mostly outdoors). And lots of free time to discover Tuscany, relax, go to the beach, have a pizza …

In the summer of 2014 there will be two salsa in Toscana holidays:

  • July 19-28th
  • August 1-10th

The first period will take place in agriturismo Il Poggio in Celle sul Rigo (in the wonderful 'Val d'Orcia' area), the second period takes place in Gabellino/Prata (Maremma, close to the seaside).

In order to garantee the best organisation and the best holidays for all there is a maximum of 30 persons who can enrol for each period: 15 men (leaders) and 15 women (followers). There will be two levels of classes: beginners-intermediate, intermediate-advanced. The style of salsa we teach is LA style 'on1' but on2 or Cuban style will come and pay us a visit for sure as well.

Check it all out on this website: instructors, periods, how to enrol, content of every period, how to get there, what the housing looks like, price formula, pictures, videos …

This website will let you know at all times exactly how many men and women are enrolled in a particular holiday.  See the page on 'balance men women'.