How to get there

Getting there and back
Transportation expenses (going to Tuscany and back and transportation during the stage) are not included in the fee for the stages.

What the organisation will do though is to coordinate the transportation, organize car pooling and if necessary give you advice on the best traveling method.

Most participants get in Italy by car or by air plane.

Second period (Prata/Gabellino):

Pisa airport is 1h30 away from the location of the stage; the airports of Florence and Rome are two other possibilities. At the airport you can rent a car to get to the stage location (Prata/Gabellino or Montepozzali) and that you will need also during the stage.

If you do the trip to Tuscany by car you'll have highways until about 25km before arrival. At Follonica you need to get off the SS1 highway (Aurelia) and follow the direction of Siena/Massa Marittima.

With the car you need to get to Follonica and the take the direction of Massa Marittima. If you want to go to Montepozzali take the direction of Ribolla (some gps programs need 'Montepozzalino'). If you're going to Prata/Gabellino/Boccheggiano, you have to continue after Massa Marittima in the direction of Siena. After some more than 11km you'll find Prata on your left, if you continue 2km more you'll find Gabellino and on the right up the hill Boccheggiano.

First period (Il Poggio, Celle sul Rigo):

If you fly to Italy the easiest is probably to fly to Rome and from there rent a car to get to Celle sul Rigo. From Rome to Celle there is a two hours drive. Flying to Pisa is possible too, then the car drive is 2h30.

If you come by car, you'll follow the highway until Siena and from there on you'll discover some of the most beautiful roads there are.

Celle sul Rigo is a small village close to San Casciano dei Bagni. Once in Celle you'll easily find the domain of Il Poggio.

Car pooling

We will bring people who can take passengers in their car in contact with people who'd like to have a seat in someone else's car (sharing costs of course). This car pooling can be organised for the trip to Tuscany and back and/or for the transportation during the stage. What is certain though is that you will need a car during the stage (for the trips, but also more simply to go to the classes or parties).

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