Learn and have fun at the same time, that's the slogan of our holidays ...

  • Dance classes
  • Parties
  • Trips
  • Dinners

More concretely

  • 25 hours of dance class for holidays of nine days (days with 4h dance classes alternate with days of 2h dance classes).
  • A free day in every holiday.
  • Organized trips, visits, guided tours. For instance a visit and guided tour in a wine producing factory, a visit to Populonia (Roman, Etruscan and medieval site) or a guided tour in Maremma Regional Park.
  • Plenty of other possibilities during the free time: relaxing at the beach or swimming pool, visiting a city in the area, horse riding, mountainbiking etc.
  • Parties almost every day. The parties are mostly for free and are attended by many dancers (locals and Italian dancers on holidays in the neighbourhood). And if one evening there is no party, we'll organise one ourselves!
  • Of course there's no obligation to participate at all of these activities, we just propose ... All we ask is to warn the coordinator when you won't participate.

Concretely: we will alternate days with lots of classes (4h, including practicum) with days with classes only in the morning.

Day 1

  • 10.00-12.30: first dance class
  • - break-
  • 17.00-19.00: second dance class
  • - break-
  • 22.00-...: party

Day 2

  • 10.00-12.30: first dance class
  • - break-
  • Organized trip or free time
  • 22.00-...: party

Day 3 like day 1
Day 4 like day 2

Open this pdf document, you will find a fully detailed program with all possible details for every period.

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